The mission of the Monument to the Discoveries is to manage, safeguard and enhance the value of the heritage site comprising the monument and the Compass Rose. It encourages discussion on the subject of the monument as a testament to the memory of a cultural and patrimonial identity that is inseparable from the history of Portuguese expansion and Portugal’s presence in the world.

It also encourages learning and debate and spreads knowledge of the history of the Monument to the Discoveries and of the various figures who, in political, cultural and artistic terms, helped to make it a reality and to represent and shape it according to the plans drawn up for the 1940 exhibition, its subsequent reconstruction in 1960, and the present day.

Moreover, it enables various sectors of the public to gain access to the monument and the cultural and educational projects that it undertakes, providing new experiences, learning processes, knowledge and enjoyment.

Concept Create an image that would bring a more contemporary reading of the subject matter of the Discoveries: wider, more modern, more dynamic and capable of renewing the concept of the building itself. The world we know is different, it has evolved. Through the new identity we wish to make known new discoveries. The compass rose was our starting point into a new interpretation. We chose various shades of blue that evoke the sea. The chosen lettering is contemporary, specific and clear.